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1. When Han Xin and Han Xin were down, a drifting mother gave him food. When Han Xin left her, she told her that she would repay her later. Later, Han Xin became King of Chu, never forgetting his old kindness, offering gold for thousands of years to drift his mother.
一、韩信  韩信落魄的时候,一个漂母给他饭吃,韩信离开她的时候,告诉她以后一定来报答她。后来韩信做了楚王,不忘旧恩,奉黄金千两以漂母 .
2. Song Qingling once agreed with a primary school to visit the pupils, but when the appointed date came, it rained heavily. The students thought that Song Qingling's grandmother could not come, but Song Qingling still went to the appointment in the rain, which moved the students very much.
二、宋庆龄  宋庆龄有一次与一所小学约定去看望小学生,可是到了约定日期,天下起了大雨,同学们都以为宋庆龄奶奶不能来了,但宋庆龄依然冒雨前去赴约,这让同学们很感动.
3. The contrast between Washington and Nixon and Clinton. Washington cut down a cherry tree of his father with a small axe. My father was very angry when he saw his beloved tree cut down and threatened to give it to him.
The lesson of cutting trees. Washington admitted his mistake in front of his angry father. Father was moved to say that honesty in Washington was more valuable than all cherry trees.
It's much more expensive. It was also President Nixon who was forced to resign for lying in the Watergate scandal, and Clinton who was impeached for lying in the dishonorable scandal.
One is loved and respected for his honesty, and two are stained in political history by lying.
三、华盛顿与尼克松、克林顿的对比  华盛顿用小斧头砍倒了他父亲的一颗樱桃树。父亲见心爱的树被砍,非常气愤,扬言要给那个砍树的一顿教训。而华盛顿在盛怒的父亲面前毫不避地承认了自己的错误。父亲被感动了,称华盛顿的诚实比所有樱桃树都宝贵得多。同样是美国总统尼克松因在“水门事件”中撒谎败露而被迫引咎辞职;克林顿也因为不光彩的绯闻案中撒谎而险遭弹劾。一个因诚实而受到爱戴和尊敬,两位因撒谎而在政史上留下污点。
Fourthly, the comparison between standing trees for believing and beacon fire drama in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, Shang Yang of Qin State presided over the reform with the support of Qin Xiaogong. At that time, at a time of frequent wars and panic,
In order to build up prestige and promote reform, Shang Yang ordered to erect a three-inch-long wood outside the South Gate of the capital, and made a public promise: who can move the wood to the North gate, with a reward of twelve.
The onlookers did not believe that such an easy thing could be rewarded so highly that no one would give it a try. So Shang Yang raised the reward to 50 gold. There must be brave men under reward
Finally someone stood up and carried the wood to the North gate.  Shang Yang immediately rewarded him fifty gold. Shang Yang's action has established prestige in the hearts of the people, and Shang Yang's subsequent changes are very significant.
It will soon be popularized in the State of Qin. The new law enabled Qin to grow stronger and eventually unified China. And the same place where Shang Yang "stands for faith" was once issued 400 years ago.
Had a comedy of "the princes of the beacon fire opera" which was not laughable. King Zhou Youwang had a favorite concubine named Zhuo Yong. In order to win her laughter, King Zhou Youwang ordered more than 20 beacons near the capital.
The beacon fire on the fire platform is a warning signal of the frontier gates. It can only be ignited when the invading foreign enemy calls for the rescue of the princes. As a result, the princes saw the beacon fire and led the generals.
Hurriedly arrived and realized that this was the king's trick of laughing for his wife and then left angrily. Xuanxuan finally laughed happily when he saw the confused appearance of the prestigious princes on weekdays. five
Years later, Youyi Tairong attacked the Zhou Dynasty in a big way, and you Wang's beacon fire burned again and the princes did not arrive - nobody would like to be fooled for the second time. As a result, the King of Youwang was forced to kill himself and his followers were captured. One
"Stand a tree to get credit", promise a thousand gold; an emperor without faith, play the game of "wolf comes". As a result, the former was successful and the country was strong, while the latter was humiliated and died. can
See, "letter" plays a very important role in the rise and fall of a country.
四、立木为信与烽火戏诸候的对比  春秋战国时,秦国的商鞅在秦孝公的支持下主持变法。当时处于战争频繁、人心惶惶之际,为了树立威信,推进改革,商鞅下令在都城南门外立一根三丈长的木头,并当众许下诺言:谁能把这根木头搬到北门,赏金十两。围观的人不相信如此轻而易举的事能得到如此高的赏赐,结果没人肯出手一试。于是,商鞅将赏金提高到50金。重赏之下必有勇夫,终于有人站起将木头扛到了北门。商鞅立即赏了他五十金。商鞅这一举动,在百姓心中树立起了威信,而商鞅接下来的变法就很快在秦国推广开了。新法使秦国渐渐强盛,最终统一了中国。  而同样在商鞅“立木为信”的地方,在早它400年以前,却曾发生过一场令人啼笑皆非的“烽火戏诸侯”的闹剧。  周幽王有个宠妃叫褒姒,为博取她的一笑,周幽王下令在都城附近20多座烽火台上点起烽火——烽火是边关报警的信号,只有在外敌入侵需召诸侯来救援的时候才能点燃。结果诸侯们见到烽火,率领兵将们匆匆赶到,弄明白这是君王为博妻一笑的花招后又愤然离去。褒姒看到平日威仪赫赫的诸侯们手足无措的样子,终于开心一笑。五年后,酉夷太戎大举攻周,幽王烽火再燃而诸侯未到——谁也不愿再上第二次当了。结果幽王被逼自刎而褒姒也被俘虏。  一个“立木取信”,一诺千金;一个帝王无信,戏玩“狼来了”的游戏。结果前者变法成功,国强势壮;后者自取其辱,身死国亡。可见,“信”对一个国家的兴衰存亡都起着非常重要的作用。
Fifth, the story of honesty and credit in early years, Nepal's south foot of the Himalayas few foreigners involved. Later, many Japanese came here for sightseeing, which is said to have originated from a small number of people.
Years of integrity. One day, several Japanese photographers asked a local teenager to buy beer for them. The teenager ran for more than three hours. The next day, the teenager volunteered again.
Be brave enough to buy them beer again. This time the photographers gave him a lot of money, but the boy did not come back until the afternoon of the third day. So, the photographers all talked about that.
The teenager cheated the money away. On the third night, the teenager knocked on the photographer's door. Originally, he only bought four bottles of beer in one place, so he turned over a mountain and went there again.
Six bottles were bought after crossing a river, and three bottles were broken when returning. He cried and handed back the change to the photographer with the broken glass. Everyone in the room was moved. This story makes many foreign countries
People are deeply moved. Later, more and more tourists came here.
五、诚信的故事  早年,尼泊尔的喜马拉雅山南麓很少有外国人涉足。后来,许多日本人到这里观光旅游,据说这是源于一位少年的诚信。  一天,几位日本摄影师请当地一位少年代买啤酒,这位少年为之跑了3个多小时。  第二天,那个少年又自告奋勇地再替他们买啤酒。这次摄影师们给了他很多钱,但直到第三天下午那个少年还没回来。于是,摄影师们议论纷纷,都认为那个少年把钱骗走了。第三天夜里,那个少年却敲开了摄影师的门。原来,他在一个地方只购得4瓶啤酒,于是,他又翻了一座山,趟过一条河才购得另外6瓶,返回时摔坏了3瓶。他哭着拿着碎玻璃片,向摄影师交回零钱,在场的人无不动容。这个故事使许多外国人深受感动。后来,到这儿的游客就越来越多。
1. True Love Friendship Club
2018 Initiative Launched - 2019.7 Global Official Launch

2. Child Safety Regulatory Commission
2019.7.10 Global Initiative Launched directly and formally
A quarter of the world's children, or at least 700 million children, end their childhood early because of illness,
war, child marriage and school dropouts.
The organization launched its first "End of Childhood" list on the same day, with children living in West and
Central Africa the worst of 172 countries. Seven of the bottom 10 countries are West and Central Africa.
According to the ranking, Niger, Angola and Mali are the three countries with the worst childhood conditions,
while Norway, Slovenia and Finland are the three best countries.
Most of the 700 million children deprived of their childhood live in poor communities in developing countries.
Instead of enjoying the happy life brought about by medical, educational and technological advances, many of their
peers suffer from both poverty and discrimination, the organization said.
A quarter of the world's children are currently living in countries afflicted by armed conflicts and natural
disasters, with a population of about 535 million.
The following are data on the global plight of children provided by Save the Children, the World Health
Organization and the United Nations Children's Fund:
263 million school-age children are out of school.
About 168 million children have become child labourers, half of whom are in dangerous jobs.
156 million children under 5 years of age are stunted by malnutrition.
Every year, at least 15 million girls marry before the age of 18, of which 4 million are married before the age of
War and persecution forced 28 million children to flee their homes, 11 million of them refugees.
Every year, about 16 million girls give birth between the ages of 15 and 19, of which 1 million have given birth
before the age of 15.
At least 6 million children under five die each year.
In recent years, one of the malignant incidents of child sexual abuse has been exposed in China. Although the law
punishes such acts more severely and the public opinion is full of indignation, the phenomenon of child sexual
abuse has not been effectively curbed.
From 2008 to 2011, UBS Foundation conducted a survey of minors and parents in six cities of Tianjin, Shenzhen,
Shanghai, Xi'an, Wuhan and Hong Kong in China.
They included 18341 students, whose average age was 15.86 years. The
survey results show that the rate of child sexual abuse in China is 7%, of which 8% are boys and 8% are girls.
6.4%; one out of every 10 boys and 15 girls was sexually assaulted. In addition, the study also found that some
factors may increase the risk of child abuse, such as support.
Have a single parent who is divorced, living alone
or widowed, or have an unemployed father.
Following this large-scale study on child sexual assault, the situation in China has not been effectively
improved. Malignant incidents of child sexual assault continue to be high throughout the country. data statistics
From 2012 to 2014, 7 145 cases of child molestation were concluded by the national courts, including 2017 cases in
2012, 2 300 cases in 2013 and 2 828 cases in 2014, which were presented year by year.
Upward trend. In 2014, 503
Cases of child sexual assault were reported by the media, 4.6 times as many as in 2013.
In fact, the phenomenon of child abuse in China is far from complete as the data disclosed at present can show. Ni
Chunxia, Director of the Relief Management Department of the Social Affairs Department of the Ministry of Civil
Affairs, said: "
From what we know, the public exposure is only the tip of the iceberg, and there will be more
victims in rural areas. These data all indicate the high need to pay attention to children's safety.
In China, it
is not strangers, but acquaintances who do most harm to children. Data show that in the past, more than 80% of
reported cases of child sexual assault committed by acquaintances. These are ripe.
People include teachers,
neighbours, relatives, villagers, etc. These perpetrators are familiar with the victims before the case happens,
are more likely to approach them, and then rely on their special status, status or
Physical advantages make it
easier to infringe.
At the same time, it is worth noting that in the past, more than half of the cases were carried out under the
premise of absence of guardianship. In these cases, the victims were all alone.
People, lack of guardians, and lack
of self-protection awareness give the victim a chance. Rural areas are the worst-hit areas for child sexual
assault cases, among which the left-behind children in rural areas are the most serious.
Children are the most
vulnerable group.